May. 15th, 2011

jlarinda: Syaoran & Syaoran (Digimon - It won't be the end)
I gotta use this thing more often :|;; I always kinda mean to post my thoughts!!1 on shit here and then I forget, ahh D|

TO SUMMARIZE, KOBATO/GLEE/BAKUMAN ARE ALL AWESOME AND I LOVE THEM And if anyone wants to flail, let's flail.

Speaking of Kobato, man, I was spamming with ads for Kiseki just now, and it hit me how little TRC characters we have. It used to be the most prominent canon in the game, we'd have several versions of most characters, etc

Now we have... five. We don't even have a Kuro and a Fay, which is WEIRD. I should be happy that most of the ones we DO have right now have been in the game for ages and are very much established into it and all. But it's sad, idk. It really shows how the interest in the series died out. And it's more noticeable than with, say, HOLiC, 'cause we never had a billion charas for it =3=a

This all kind of makes me miss Fay, lol. But I (as usual) have piles of charas already. Need to focus on them before giving in to any temptations :|a Luckily it's not that many this time. Fay, tiny!Fay, Kazuhiko, Ueda... and I think that's all. Kobato, too, but I have two sparkly girls already and I play Okiura D|


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