Aug. 23rd, 2011

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HP 30 days meme

Day 7: Fave female character and why.

Ginny Weasley! Which is probably an odd choice to many, since she's... not really too popular in fandom, and while some people do love her I haven't seen her as people's "favorite" girl too much. She usually loses to characters like Hermione or Luna - who, while awesome as well, I don't like nearly as much.

I loved Ginny from the very beginning, when she was tiny and bouncy and wanted to go see Harry on the train. I thought she was adorable (and shipped it since back then!), and then CoS only confirms this. Her general 'afjdskfksdf;'-ing around Harry was so cute, and it was even cuter because she wasn't a flaily blushy demure thing the rest of the time. I loved the way she matured, that she took such a healthy attitude towards her crush, enough that in the end she was even mature enough to let Harry go when he needed it. I fucking love that in the end? She's dated more people than Harry did, and he knows it, and it's okay and he's not shaming her like her siblings do (his rage is more just jealousy than OMG SHE'S DATING OTHER PEOPLE HOW DARE SHE!11). I love that she stands up to her siblings about that, too. I love that she's fierce and strong and talented and fun and protective and awesome and stole Fred and George's stuff without them knowing so, which in itself should be enough for her to get a freaking medal. I love that she was strong enough to endure what Riddle put her through in CoS. She was freaking tiny back then, jfc. Look at what being possessed by a Horcrux did to the trio, and they were much older and exposed to it for a far shorter time. And in the later books she joins the battles like anyone else, and desperately wants to help and fight.

I also love that she's kind of a jerk sometimes, and can be childish and mean and have a nasty temper. I said something similar about Sirius, too, I guess since I'm a total jerk, I love it when characters show you can say mean things or snap at others or be rude, and still not be completely awful despicable people.

There's a lot more I could mention about her, but it'd end up tying with fandom too much, I think. Don't want to turn the meme into a "PEOPLE SAY THIS OR THAT AND I THINK THEY'RE WRONG BECAUSE..." kind of thing.

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