Oct. 15th, 2011

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Ehn I think I missed more than two days but let's keep it to two this time |DD;

CLAMP 30 day meme

+ Day 18: Show off your CLAMP merchandise! (manga, anime, figurines, etc.)

For merchandising, I don't have much to show off. The Rikuou and (Clow!)Syaoran CLAMP in 3-D land figurines, the first CLAMP no Kiseki set (with Sakura :3), a Sakura figurine of her in the second OP's outfit, a Syao figurine of him in his Clow outfit... A couple of Mokona plushies, a Kero plushie, a CCS backpack, some posters... And then the CCS, AL, Clover and Miyuki-chan manga in argentinian edition, the Tobabi and Shin Shunkaden manga in spain!Spanish, vol 16 of X and a couple of volumes of TRC and Holic also from the Spanish edition, volumes 16, 20 and 23 of the japanese TRC deluxe edition, vol 16 of TRC from the regular japanese edition, the semanary with the last published chapter of HoliC Rou... Then there's the first three CCS artbooks, the first TRC artbook (spanish editions for those), the X Zero and Infinity artbooks (Chinese edition), and I think that's it.

+ Day 19: Favourite recurring theme in CLAMP’s series

Ahh this one's difficult, 'cause I love so many of them >_>; HRMMM. I'll have to vote for the twins/AUs/other-selves/etc, because I've always loved twins anyway and I like that CLAMP doesn't just make them twins, usually, but different parts of a whole, or clones, or whatever the hell else.

Syaoran's foot :'|b

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Oct. 15th, 2011 08:50 pm
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::: [ Kiseki - A CLAMP-centric RPG ] :::

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HI FLIST. In case you've never paid attention to any post of mine ever, I run a game called Kiseki over at InsaneJournal. It's been around for several years now, and it's an all-CLAMP game. Meaning stuff CLAMP actually wrote, so things like the mangas, Horitsuba or Blood-C are YAY while things like Code Geass or the MKR anime are NO D:

We're a small, silly, cracky and generally sparkly jamjar-type game, with pretty laid-back AC requirements. Insanejournal means you get 100 icons for free, so you can abuse CLAMP's pretty artwork. We can offer iconsets for many characters, and even make new ones or offer scans if it's a chara we've never made one for.

And now I'm gonna c&p what [livejournal.com profile] buddha_loves_me wrote for the latest round of ATP because it's faster, ohoho

Blood-C: Itsuki, Tadayoshi

Chobits: Chii, Freya, Minoru, Yuzuki, Shinbo, Shimizu, Chitose... everyone! [Currently we have: Hideki, Yumi, Icchan.]

Cardcaptor Sakura: Syaoran, Yukito/Yue, Eriol, Fujitaka, Kero, Tomoyo, Spinel Sun, Kaho, Nadeshiko, etc. [Currently we have: Sakura, Touya, Clow Reed.]

TB/X: TB!Subaru, Aoki, Karen, Nataku, Satsuki, Yuuto, etc [Currently we have: Kamui, Kotori, pre-choice!Fuuma, Subaru, Kakyou, Keiichi, Seishirou, Hokuto, Arashi, Sorata, Yuzuriha, Kusanagi.]

xxxHOLiC: Watanuki, Haruka, Kohane, Mokona, Maru & Moro. [Currently we have: Yuuko, Doumeki, Himawari, Spider Matron, Yaobikuni, Ame-Warashi, Zashiki Warashi.]

Tsubasa Pre-Tokyo Sakura & Syaoran, Post-Tokyo Syaoran, Real!Fay, Piffle or Nihon Tomoyo, Seishirou, Subaru, etcetc (lots of minor characters are playable!) [Currently we have: Real!Syaoran, Clone!Sakura, Mokona, Kamui, Fuuma]

Magic Knight Rayearth: Umi, Lantis, Ascot, Emeraude, Zagato, Caldina, Ferio, etc. [Currently we have: Hikaru, Fuu, Eagle.]

Dukylon: Erii, Sukiyabashi. [Currently we have: Kentarou, Takeshi.]

RG Veda: Yasha-ou, Kujaku, Souma, Ryuu-ou, Karura-ou, Taishakuten, Ashura-ou. [Currently we have: Ashura, Karyoubinga, Gigei, young!Yasha (Yama), Kendappa-ou.]

Legal Drug (/Lawful Drug/Gohou Drug/Drug & Drop): Kakei, Saiga [Currently we have: Rikuou, Kazahaya.]

Kobato: Okiura, Ginsei, Genkou, Toshihiko, etc [Currently we have: Kobato, Fujimoto, Sayaka, Suishou, Ioryogi.]

WISH: Kohaku, Shuichirou, Kokuyo, Hisui, etc [Currently we have: Koryuu.]

Legend of Chun Hyang: Chun Hyang [Currently we have: Mong Ryong.]

Clover: Oruha, Ran, Gingetsu [Currently we have: Suu, Kazuhiko.]

OTHERS: We would love anyone from Angelic Layer, Horitsuba, or older CLAMP series such as the CLAMP Campus Detectives, Suki, etc.!



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