Oct. 24th, 2011

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CLAMP 30 day meme

+ Day 27: An unpopular opinion you feel the need to share about CLAMP

Well I kind of. post these on a regular basis. So, I'm choosing the one I feel most strongly about, particularly recently. It's something a big portion of fandom seems to disagree about, something I've gotten in several arguments over. I feel so strongly about it, it might be the difference on whether or not I have someone in my f-list. It's something that actually /defines/ me in a way, it's that big.

Here it goes...

I love CLAMP.

No, really. I do. And not just the "old" CLAMP, or the "new" CLAMP, or something like that. I love them as a whole. I love their old series. I love their new ones. I love talking about them. I love their drawings, and how they've evolved and keep changing even now. I love their stories, from the silliest and fluffiest, to the darkest, to the whatthefuckjusthappeneddidwejustskipahundredyearsisthatanothersyaoran. I love their tropes, their character cameos, their crossovers with themselves, their AU versions, their twins, their ying-yang characters, their soulmates and their many many types of pairings. I love Piffle Princess and the Dukylon chain and their multiverses and their eye fetish and their flowery backgrounds. I love their sparkly girls, their silent dudes, their creepers, their fakers and their godmods and their dreamseers and their emo mops and their awesome mascots. I love their short series and their longer ones and their multi-media ones. I love their festivals and their figurine series and their artbooks and their blog doodles and their volume editions. I love hitsuzen and their magic spells. I love their trolling forever.

I love CLAMP. I don't think they used to be good and now suck, I don't think they're only good now, I don't think they're shitty but read their stories anyway. I don't think they're perfect, either. I just love them, okay.

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