Nov. 1st, 2011

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I still cannot believe that after 19 covers of Watanuki (+ almost the same of Yuuko), 28 covers + 4 deluxe + 2 artbooks of Syaoran, 12 covers + 12 remakes + 4 artbooks + almost all the DVDs + the new movie blu-ray covers of Sakura, 3 covers of Kaza & Riku, 8 covers + the artbook of Chii, 7 covers of Subaru, 5 covers of Misaki, 3 covers of Hinata, 6 covers + the artbook of Kobato, 10 covers of Ashura...


People still act surprised or annoyed or disappointed whenever a main character is featured on a new cover of the manga, or the artbook, or some new merchandising.

I mean. Really? This is in any way surprising or not what you'd expect?

Don't get me wrong, I'd love more variety in color pics. But I absolutely do not expect it to happen for volume/artbook/dvd covers. Not at all. CLAMP always draws the main, most iconic characters on them.

AND THAT'S OKAY. I doubt it's them going, gee, we haven't drawn Sakura enough already! It's far, far more likely a marketing thing - seeing how a shitton of other mangakas do the same, I don't... get what the hell is the big deal about it. Or why is it that every time, someone has to go and whine about it.

ETA: ... This entry's url has an 83, automatically making everything better.
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Digimon 30 days meme

Day 04: Favourite digital monster.

Patamon & their whole evo line *3* <3333

If it's within the actual series, then... Patamon again (Takeru's, but Frontier's is adorable too), sharing first place with Taiki's Shoutmon, who despite having a design I didn't really like much initially has absolutely won me over with his sheer awesome. I have never cheered so much for a Digimon since the beginning :| ILU, Shoutmon, and I want you to be the Digimon King forever and ever.

Special mentions: Terriermon, Lopmon, Culumon and Beelzebumon ♥

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