Nov. 5th, 2011

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Digimon 30 days meme

Day 07: A couple you can’t stand.

Mimi/Jyou. I generally don't have much hate for pairings, and like I said before I'm a big multishipper in this franchise - but ugh, this thing. Not only do I think they have zero chemistry (they barely even interact, ffs) and don't seem to really give much of a fuck about each other (even during their little time apart in the Dark Masters arc, they... don't really strike me as omg getting along awesomely or learning much more about each other or anything), it's also so boring. I don't think they complement each other at all, I don't think they're better (or would be) for being around each other, nothing. And everything I've ever seen from fandom re: these two makes them into this obnoxious, cliche'd high-school-like cheerleader/nerd pairing, making them both OOC and unrecognizable and a pair of giant Stus. Bleeeeeeegh.

A sort of close second would be Kouji/Izumi from Frontier, for pretty much the same reasons. And god, the insufferable omg emo prince~*~/princess type fics and stuff. Gross. The only difference is that I do think they seem to care and like each other a bit more, so I think MAYBE in the right hands it could actually be cool. It just... usually ends up in the hands of Junpei haters who think they should be together only because Kouji's pretty and that's all that matters.

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