Nov. 12th, 2011

jlarinda: Takuya looking bored (Digimon - Bah)
Filling out two since I couldn't do it before, LJ was acting up 8|

Digimon 30 days meme

Day 12: Least favourite digital monster.
Uhhh idk, there're billions of them |DDD; But hrmm. Chuumon, Veggiemon, Etemon, Mercurimon, the... Earth spirit dude from Frontier whose name I can't recall... Lots of them are ugly or obnoxious or both 8|;

Day 13: Least favourite character.

Well, aside from the digimon pointed above and a few assorted others I simply don't care about... Miyako. I've gotten the impression that fandom loves her!!1 and all, but to me she's loud, obnoxious, has a really awful design (wtf are her digital world clothes omg), and I just don't care at all about her story, her dumb emo about her family, her digimon or her anything. I can barely get any sense of her character. I don't hate her or anything, I'm still fond of all the digimon kids and on occasion I do like her, but it's like -_- bahhh. I can't love her like people seem to do.

ETA: OH GOD HOW COULD I FORGET. Special mention in both categories for Bokomon and Neemon, the most useless dumbass Digimon ever. I can't entirely loathe them because they're Patamon's parents (and he loves them, so) and because a friend of mine gets so ragey at them it's funny, but ughhh. wtf were they thinking, attaching those idiots to the main cast? Couldn't we have had something less stupid to tag along with them?

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