Nov. 13th, 2011

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Digimon 30 days meme

Day 14: Least favourite season.

Savers. I haven't even watched it properly all the way through ._.a; (/missing a couple of eps by the end) I ADORE some things about it - the digivices, Masaru's character and how he's not some perfect super nice kid, Ikuto's everything ever, the involvement with the real world, etc... But the art style looks /terrible/ a lot of the time, the DATS uniforms are hideous, Tohma's a boring-ass gary stu, and Yoshino's easily THE most boring female character ever. I can't even hate her, I just don't care for her either way. She's blaaaand as fuck.

Second one, and I want to mention it because ugh, fandom fucking worships this, would be Tamers, with its awful awful AWFUL pacing and some of the worst "bad animation studio" episodes in the franchise. Omfg look at the ep where Terriermon evolves to Ultimate, for example, it's the fugliest shit ever. This probably happens 'cause that style's all pointy and gross, and Tamers's art style is the roundest and softest of them all :/ But it still makes for some really, really hideous episodes.

Also, what they do with Ruki really pisses me off. Yay, let's have a girl who isn't color-coded pink and sweet and demure and shy and screaming STEREOTYPICAL GIIIIRL all around-- oh wait, no, it's just her issues~*~, by the end of the series she'll have "developed" into a proper female character, squeeing about Culumon and dressing up in frilly dresses!!11 Wtf fuck that shit e_e; God forbid she learns to open up and trust others but doesn't suddenly change from a tomboy to a pretty princess.

I also really dislike how it treats the "secondary" kids. Why make it all about Takato/Ruki/Jianliang, if you're later gonna involve all these kids who're just as awesome and have varied personalities and such, but not let them shine at all? Outside of Juri, and then she shines because of some uber angsty plot (and she's amazing and so strong and ajjkdskjf her backstory and her family), not because of her ability as a Tamer or the powers she gets or anything like that. GIVE THE OTHER KIDS COOL EVOLUTION/SLASH CARD/OP&ED SCENES, DAMN IT.

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