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HP 30 days meme

Day 15: Who would be your best friends at hogwarts. (three only)

God, I haven't got a clue. I'm really really really shy and awkward and most of my friends I have by chance, or something. So I can't really look at these kids' descriptions and be all, omg, we'd totally get along and be BFFs! I just... don't work like that |DD;

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HP 30 days meme

Day 14: Team Voldermort or Team Harry.


... Isn't the "team whatever" a Twilight thing, anyway? Over some dumbass love triangle? Wtf. /flips tables

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Also, today's meme:

HP 30 days meme

Day 13: Least fave movie.

From the ones I did watch? PoA, it fucks up my most beloved parts and ruins others - making the Patronus way cheesier, for example. Wtf "I was thinking of my parents' faces!11, I couldn't remember them well!11 but it's the happiest memory I have11!" STOP FUCKING MAKING HARRY A RIDICULOUS SAP, MOVIES. He's dry and sarcastic and snarky, not fucking Troy Bolton. Also, you wouldn't need to add that kind of stupid sappy shit if you'd actually bothered to explain why his patronus has the shape it does. THAT is actually touching and incredibly sentimental, without being laughable.

Like I said before, it's also the movie where they really begin to add random crap rather than actual canon scenes, which always bugged me.

BUT I think the actual title should go to HBP, since I haven't even watched it yet. I got such /awful/ reviews and comments from my friends, that I simply had no desire to. Just describing the initial scene, or the way they treat Ginny... ugh. Gtfo.

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HP 30 days meme

Day 12: Fave ship.

Remus/Sirius. It's not even a competition - I love them far, far, FAR more than any other pairing in the HP-verse. Everything else I sort of just like a lot, or ship casually or whatever... These two? No fucking way. Biggest fanbrat ever, I don't care. Every little bit about their interactions makes me squeal, everything about how they match each other and are opposites that simply fit together makes me squeal. Everytime I read lines with them or about them, I can't read it as anything but shippy. I never ever ever considered it not shippy, and I don't think I ever will be able to read them as anything but utterly married to each other.

And I fucking love canon for pairing one of them off - but only a year after it stopped mattering.

Two random facts; I have never read the Shoebox Project, and don't intend to, and it wasn't the hug in PoA that made me ship them (in fact, it's probably the only instance with them I do read as platonic). Depending on which parts of fandom I look at, this might get my Wolfstar membership card revoked.

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HP 30 days meme

Day 11: What character would you say you are most like.

Harry Potter himself! I'm nowhere near as brave or awesome as he is, but the way he feels around the Dursleys, the disregard for blood bonds, the parents!emo, his awkwardness and shyness that somehow mix with arrogance, how he doesn't care (much) about rules or talking back at authority figures, and just. idk, the way he thinks and acts most of the time, even the way he expresses anger, I identify so strongly with. It's mostly the bad traits or sad ones that I connect with, which is kind of pathetic, but whatever.

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HP 30 days meme

Day 10: Horcruxes or Hallows.

I really loved both concepts, but Hallows all the way! Not only would I like to hypothetically have them more, they're so fucking cool, man. These ancient magical items related to a fairy tale, the ancestry of the main character, and to the meaning of life and death? They're just neat.

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HP 30 days meme

Day 9: Least fave female character.

Bellatrix Lestrange. She's so fucking awful and nasty and horrible, I can't do anything but flat-out despise her. Between what she did to Neville's parents, what she did to Sirius, or the way she fucking mocked Harry and Molly for their grief or Neville for what happened to his parents, what else could I do? She's revolting in every possible way. And she doesn't even have any appealing (to me) characteristics as a villain (unlike many of the other awful DEs and even Voldemort himself - I do like manipulative bastards, for example), so she's absolutely irredeemable. I was so, so looking forward to her being killed in the final book. Fucking monster ajfklsd. e_e

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HP 30 days meme

Day 8: What do you think would be your fave lesson.

Charms 8D! It seems like it'd be the most fun, honestly. Things like Potions or Herbology would bore me to death, Transfiguration is sort of just the same thing over and over only it varies in difficulty and complexity, things like Divination/Arithmancy don't even count, but in Charms you get to make things fly, silence them, summon them, etc. It always seemed much more varied, playful and useful in all sorts of ways. And it's not nearly as dangerous-sounding like other cool things (such as DADA, Flying lessons, CoMC) are.

Plus, its teacher is the Ravenclaw Head of House, so that's some extra cool points :|b

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HP 30 days meme

Day 7: Fave female character and why.

Ginny Weasley! Which is probably an odd choice to many, since she's... not really too popular in fandom, and while some people do love her I haven't seen her as people's "favorite" girl too much. She usually loses to characters like Hermione or Luna - who, while awesome as well, I don't like nearly as much.

I loved Ginny from the very beginning, when she was tiny and bouncy and wanted to go see Harry on the train. I thought she was adorable (and shipped it since back then!), and then CoS only confirms this. Her general 'afjdskfksdf;'-ing around Harry was so cute, and it was even cuter because she wasn't a flaily blushy demure thing the rest of the time. I loved the way she matured, that she took such a healthy attitude towards her crush, enough that in the end she was even mature enough to let Harry go when he needed it. I fucking love that in the end? She's dated more people than Harry did, and he knows it, and it's okay and he's not shaming her like her siblings do (his rage is more just jealousy than OMG SHE'S DATING OTHER PEOPLE HOW DARE SHE!11). I love that she stands up to her siblings about that, too. I love that she's fierce and strong and talented and fun and protective and awesome and stole Fred and George's stuff without them knowing so, which in itself should be enough for her to get a freaking medal. I love that she was strong enough to endure what Riddle put her through in CoS. She was freaking tiny back then, jfc. Look at what being possessed by a Horcrux did to the trio, and they were much older and exposed to it for a far shorter time. And in the later books she joins the battles like anyone else, and desperately wants to help and fight.

I also love that she's kind of a jerk sometimes, and can be childish and mean and have a nasty temper. I said something similar about Sirius, too, I guess since I'm a total jerk, I love it when characters show you can say mean things or snap at others or be rude, and still not be completely awful despicable people.

There's a lot more I could mention about her, but it'd end up tying with fandom too much, I think. Don't want to turn the meme into a "PEOPLE SAY THIS OR THAT AND I THINK THEY'RE WRONG BECAUSE..." kind of thing.

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HP 30 days meme

Day 6: What house would you want to be in.

RAVENCLAW~ Love their colors, their mascot, their ghost and everything. And I will forever hate the movies for changing their colors, because it means pretty much all merchandising that isn't made by a huge nerd of the series will have them wrong DX

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HP 30 days meme

Day 5: Fave male character and why.

ANYONE WHO HAS TALKED ABOUT HP WITH ME FOR FIVE SECONDS KNOWS THE ANSWER. Sirius Black! I love him so so so SO much ajfkdsks. I'd marry this guy in a heartbeat. I love his loyalty, his devotion, that he's kind of an immature arrogant jerk, that he's talented and smart and creative, his passion and fierceness, his love for adventure, his recklessness, his name and his looks and his laugh like a bark and just. everything about him. I love that he turns into a big black dog (I fucking love black dogs and cats, kk). I love that he owned a freaking flying bike. I love how strongly he stands for his beliefs and how he's willing to risk safety, comfort and even his own life if it means protecting those he loves, and helping the cause he believes in. I love how he was strong enough to endure Azkaban and then fucking escape from it when nobody had ever been able to. I love half his lines - one of my most favorite lines in the series is Sirius's capslock "Then you should've died! Died rather than betray your friends, as we would've done for you!".

I also kind of... well idk if it's "love", since it just makes me sad forever, but I think his story is so tragic and touching. Even without counting his childhood, he lost his best friends, he was blamed for it and thrown into the most godawful prison ever (and actually thought he was to be blamed, as if someone setting Voldemort after Lily and James or Peter being a revolting fucking traitor had been in any way his fault - all he did was trust the wrong person), he wasn't able to clear his name, and eventually had to go back into his old house which held nothing but gloom and loneliness and awful memories for him. It's so goddamned awful and it's so unfair and horrible in so many ways, it makes me love him even more.

And if all of that wasn't enough, Sirius is also the reason I joined fandom. The reason I have a livejournal is because the people at Immeritus (a Sirius Black fansite that got the first fansite award in JKR's site!) all had them. I wouldn't be typing this here if Sirius wasn't pure awesome and I didn't love him as much as I do.

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HP 30 days meme

Sob, I wrote it up and then noticed it asked for a specific gender - so I changed the order, I'll do the female character later on |D; So, hi, this is actually my least liked character in the entire franchise.

Day 4: Least fave male character and why.

Peter Pettigrew, absolutely. He's this fake little coward shit with pretty much no redeeming qualities. We don't even get to know why he was such close friends with MPP, to the point where he was trusted with the Potters' lives, so there's no reason whatsoever for me to like him. He's one third responsible for James and Lily's death, and the reason why Sirius was thrown for thirteen fucking years into the horrible hellhole that is Azkaban, believed to have murdered the ones he loved the most. He's a fucking loathesome bastard, and I was disappointed his death was so anticlimatic - I wanted him to suffer. Badly.

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HP 30 days meme

Day 3: Is there any of the films adaptations that have made you angry because they’ve ignored important parts of the book?

Of course |D; I think the worst case would be the PoA movie, where... idk 60% of things are changed or altered or ignored? It removed the MWPP backstory and that alone is awful enough, but there're billions of changes in that movie. It's also the first one where Hermione's all OMG PINK!11 AND TIGHT JEANS!!1 and starts truly looking and acting absolutely nothing like book!Hermione. And the film where they begin to put in all these dumb little extra scenes that make no sense and seem OOC (like Draco and his little paper birdie), rather than actual scenes and details from the book.

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HP 30 days meme

Day 2: Your fave movie

Goblet of Fire! It's one of the few movies where I'm not constantly mourning canon, it's got plenty of shiny and cool stuff, it's fun (the Yule Ball is hilarious), and I just love Fleur and Cedric (and Krum, but he's definitely nothing like he is in canon) and the Crouchs. I know some of my friends hated it for changing the maze, but we barely missed anything - the sphinx was the coolest thing in it, but Harry doesn't really meet much more else in the way to the cup, at least till the end. I thought it was a neat change, rather than an omg why can't they stick to the original!11 kind of change.

Oh! And I almost like that they removed the whole SPEW thing. I'm so annoyed by it in the books |DDD;

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I AM BORED. So have a meme.

HP 30 days meme

Day 1: Your fave book.

Prisoner of Azkaban, without a doubt. I've read it over and over and I never get tired of it. It has the introduction of my favorite character, it has the coolest Remus in the series, it's the first time someone really stands up to Snape, it has the trio fighting and making up for the first time, it has Dumbledore being more directly involved with the resolution (at least from Harry's POV) for the first time, it introduces all sorts of cool things like Hippogriffs, Animagi, Patronuses, Dementors, the Marauder's Map (and the MWPP backstory!) ... etc etc etc. The Shrieking Shack scene is easily among my favorite moments in the entire series, too, and it's so emotional and intense even though it's mostly people standing there talking and ajfsda ahhh. I can't coherently convey how much I love it.

And the book's not even 600+ pages long or something. It's just full of pure awesome.

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