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CLAMP 30 day meme

+ Day 7: A CLAMP moment that made you incredibly sad

... Ahaha, also "OHGODSOMANY". ffff. Everybody's pasts in TRC, and all the deaths... ALL OF ROU and the events leading up to it... Rainbow Bridge... Half of X itself... Half of RGV... Half of Clover... Almost all of TB... Chitose's story in Chobits, ahjsajkf; cannot handle it... The Clow flashback in CCS...

Idek man. All of their sad stuff makes me horribly sad.

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Oct. 2nd, 2011 03:40 am
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CLAMP 30 day meme

+ Day 7: A CLAMP moment that made you incredibly happy

OHGODSOMANY. Just about all their happy endings, tons and tons of scenes, lots of fandom moments, tons of misc things like announcements or pictures and things like that...

I think one of the most hardcore, recently-ish, would be the picture in my icon? I remember being so overwhelmed with happiness and relief and general ;A; at these two, I cried until I got a headache. bawww. And it also allows me to make a special mention about how LOL I WAS RIGHT ABOUT THE CLONES NYAHAHAHAHA WILL NEVER STOP GLOATING EVER 8DDDD

Most recently, though, the Kobato ending (ALL THE LOVE), all the recent series and announcements for more, the Gate 7 chapters when they come out, the future Kobato illustration book cause eee eee ministory, want, the Horitsuba comic from the festival, THE FESTIVAL ITSELF AJFSAKF SAKURA TANGE SINGING PLATINUM AHHH MY HEART ♥♥♥, and... sigh. Could go on forever.

I am not obsessed with these ladies for nothing. They fill me with joyyyyy.

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Just came back from watching TLK

tl;dr 'BWAAAA ;_;' )
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Happy Odaiba Memorial Day, everyone!

Watch this series of amvs, they're pure love. I CAN'T WAIT FOR AMVS OF THE FRANCHISE TO INCLUDE XROS WARS ;3;b
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I gotta use this thing more often :|;; I always kinda mean to post my thoughts!!1 on shit here and then I forget, ahh D|

TO SUMMARIZE, KOBATO/GLEE/BAKUMAN ARE ALL AWESOME AND I LOVE THEM And if anyone wants to flail, let's flail.

Speaking of Kobato, man, I was spamming with ads for Kiseki just now, and it hit me how little TRC characters we have. It used to be the most prominent canon in the game, we'd have several versions of most characters, etc

Now we have... five. We don't even have a Kuro and a Fay, which is WEIRD. I should be happy that most of the ones we DO have right now have been in the game for ages and are very much established into it and all. But it's sad, idk. It really shows how the interest in the series died out. And it's more noticeable than with, say, HOLiC, 'cause we never had a billion charas for it =3=a

This all kind of makes me miss Fay, lol. But I (as usual) have piles of charas already. Need to focus on them before giving in to any temptations :|a Luckily it's not that many this time. Fay, tiny!Fay, Kazuhiko, Ueda... and I think that's all. Kobato, too, but I have two sparkly girls already and I play Okiura D|
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OMFG /ANOTHER/ TEACHER IS LEAVING The best one out of the ones we had left DX That's the THIRD teacher we lose fdkfjd sob. And her subject was my WORST one, fuck. She was SO good and helpful orzzz I'm fucked if the new one isn't similar to her.

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.............. omfg Ouran 80

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MY FAVORITE TEACHER QUIT ;___________; qfdsjfkfg whyyyyyyyyyyy I loved heeer she was awesome and dynamic and great at explaining and she had an awesome concept of me sooooob.

IDEK who the fuck will be put in her place, we won't know till next week. B-but soooob this totally depressed me in class today.
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I think I have finally found it. The true Cutest Thing Ever.

It is baby Real & baby Wata together. fsjkgdsgj CLAMP ilu so much.

And I love the fans that share these things with us =3=bbb


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