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I can't get over how gorgeous the cover is ever ahsakjfdsjkgklds; I love love love how fun and silly it is and everyone's poses and interactions, and the clothes and little details on them (like Chika and Hana's flowers on theirs, or Sakura's wings on hers). And omg Kobato has a birdie on her head and CCS!Syao looks so dorky and tiny and cute and TRC!Syao looks so stupidly handsome and ahhh ahhhhhhh this pic

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CLAMP 30 day meme

+ Day 27: An unpopular opinion you feel the need to share about CLAMP

Well I kind of. post these on a regular basis. So, I'm choosing the one I feel most strongly about, particularly recently. It's something a big portion of fandom seems to disagree about, something I've gotten in several arguments over. I feel so strongly about it, it might be the difference on whether or not I have someone in my f-list. It's something that actually /defines/ me in a way, it's that big.

Here it goes...

I love CLAMP.

No, really. I do. And not just the "old" CLAMP, or the "new" CLAMP, or something like that. I love them as a whole. I love their old series. I love their new ones. I love talking about them. I love their drawings, and how they've evolved and keep changing even now. I love their stories, from the silliest and fluffiest, to the darkest, to the whatthefuckjusthappeneddidwejustskipahundredyearsisthatanothersyaoran. I love their tropes, their character cameos, their crossovers with themselves, their AU versions, their twins, their ying-yang characters, their soulmates and their many many types of pairings. I love Piffle Princess and the Dukylon chain and their multiverses and their eye fetish and their flowery backgrounds. I love their sparkly girls, their silent dudes, their creepers, their fakers and their godmods and their dreamseers and their emo mops and their awesome mascots. I love their short series and their longer ones and their multi-media ones. I love their festivals and their figurine series and their artbooks and their blog doodles and their volume editions. I love hitsuzen and their magic spells. I love their trolling forever.

I love CLAMP. I don't think they used to be good and now suck, I don't think they're only good now, I don't think they're shitty but read their stories anyway. I don't think they're perfect, either. I just love them, okay.

The rest )

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I think I have finally found it. The true Cutest Thing Ever.

It is baby Real & baby Wata together. fsjkgdsgj CLAMP ilu so much.

And I love the fans that share these things with us =3=bbb


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