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VDex/GPXPlus party:

Videogames info:

I am:

On SoulSilver (originally a JP rom), Simon // 5286-1776-2623
On Platinum, JL // 2451-4958-0538
On (JP) Black, Simon // 1506-6030-8494
On (E) White, Simon // 1893-0352-4154

My Platinum dex is complete \o/ So if you wanna ask for a specific Pokémon, let me know, I can breed pretty much anything. And my SoulSilver dex is only at around 200+ Pokémon, I won't post a whole list here for now 'cause it'd take forever. Just comment if you wanna arrange a trade for it o/

Special Pokémon I own )

Things to consider:

- I play on a NDS flashcart
- I have cheats, so while I can get you legit Pokémon (and will by default trade out only legit Pokémon and warn if anything I'm sending isn't), most of my items are cloned and such
- I have cheats! And Pokésav, so if you want me to "make" you a Pokémon, clone it, or get you a specific item, just ask
- Because of this, I have pretty much all items I can ever need, so don't waste yours by sending them to me! If for some reason you feel like attaching something to your Pokémon, send me mail instead.

Bonus ~*~

Pichu has been my favorite Pokémon ever since I first saw it, a bit prior to the release of the original G/S. And so, I want to collect Pichus from as many different trainers as I can. So, if you have one to spare, let me know! The level, nature, way of capture, etc don't matter, all I ask for is that you name it for me.

Pichus )
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I beat Professor Layton and the Last Specter! ... Yesterday, actually, after 12 hours or so of gameplay.

Thoughts! I'm aiming to keep things spoiler-free, but just in case )
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So! I hurt my back somehow and have spent the last couple of days barely moving at all. Worst consequence of it is that I cannot wash anything, so the kitchen was an abysmal mess until my little brother came back home today and cleaned it all up x_x; I'm on painkillers and have to schedule an appointment with a ... what's the word. a doctor that specializes in bones and stuff.

Been playing moar and moar Harvest Moon! Cut for those who don't give a damn, which I assume is just about everyone )

Soon enough I'll have to pause my playing, though, 'cause the next Layton game is gonna come out soon *A* So sad it'll be the last one in NDS, so it's the last one I can play until I can get an upgraded handheld... But w/e. I knew it'd happen, and I'm thrilled I get to at least play one of the prequel games.

Aaaand what else was I gonna say, hrmmm. ... Oh yeah!

- Digimon's second ep was amazing too ahhhhh this series. /lovesloveslovessssss

- Kiseki's now accepting Blood-C characters! Not... too many, since lol iffy backgrounds for many of them. BUT if anyone's actually watching and/or interested, we have a Saya already, I'll give in and app Fumito sometime in the future and it'd be awesome to have some castmates for her, specially Itsuki or Tadayoshi. Join uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus. /waves game at
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- [livejournal.com profile] anasaurus is awesome and made screencaps for the entire Blood-C series! Find them here @ [livejournal.com profile] bloodc. You gotta join the comm as it's f-locked, but membership's open so it shouldn't be a big deal.

- Also related to Blood-C; god I ship ThatBadPersonWhoWasBehindItAllxSaya like crazy. I can't even. I need gorey porn of these two, and I need the movie to be out already. ahfsdjkf; the preview. "I can finally embrace you" ajfsdksdklgkldSJKDLSGDSG; damn it CLAMP. It's (if possible) even more fucked up than Sei/Subaru. It's really weird to be all <33333333333333 at a character while also being incredibly creeped out by them and thinking they should die a horrible death.

- Kouji Wada's on hiatus due to an illness, and this news made me sadder than I can even say.

- Watched Digimon Xros Wars: Toki wo Kakeru Shonen Hunter-tachi's first episode, finally! It's AWESOME and I want to see more and more of it! So many things hinted at/etc I want answers to!

- Gate 7's eight chapter is out, only in Chinese because the series lacks a Japanese raw provider. Meaning we haven't had translations since last chapter, which sucks balls. See, fandom, this would be a good thing to go D8 over. Why do you have to complain about all these petty, stupid things rather than something major like this is beyond me. Anyway - Gate 7 looks cooler and cooler, and Tachibana and Sakura need to make out already.

- So excited for Legal Drug/Drug & Drop/whatever *A* The little news about it make me all hyper, fff. I wish people'd stop overanalyzing things, though, it's getting tiring. There's so much paranoia over whether omg they'll change the artwork or the setting or whatever the fuck... Chillax, people. A little promo pic isn't a sign for the apocalypsis. Nevermind that, dude, you'd think the original series was this masterpiece... It had a tiny inkling of a major plot, and then it was just silly shenanigans and random mini-arcs that had little relevance, really. Besides, in every crossover with the series so far, it's been Kaza and Riku in the same damned shop working the same as always - that is a much more reliable hint on how the series will go, than some little promo pic.

- Been playing Kirby: Mass Attack, and it's incredibly fun! I unlocked the Pinball game in it and loved it, ahah. I even got my brother to actually keep watching as I played.

- And finally, so that it's not all fandom related - I actually went somewhere with Dad today! Considering we barely even talk, this is a super rare occasion. We got a new coffee-maker (he decided on a whim he didn't like the one we had) so I went with him to make sure he didn't get one that was complicated to use or something. Then we also went to buy fruits and vegetables, so I now have tons of stuff to cook *3* Yay.
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... Oh what the hell. Have some more videogame comments.

'cause I'm trying out Radiant Historia )

Read more... )
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I got Okamiden! And played... just the intro, pretty much, fff. Didn't have time so far to sit down and really play it for a while.


That is all.
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Thoughts so far )
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So, I spent the early morning abusing the Pokémon GTS to obtain all the Pokémon I had as "seen" but not caught, and it took a while - I had to trade twice sometimes, get pokémon A to get pokémon B which is the one they wanted for C, which would be the one I wanted.

But I did it. And between that, and some breeding/evolving and actually capturing a freaking Nidorina, I got around 30+ new Pokémon.

And now my list of missing ones is so TINY *A* I- I am so close to a full Dex, aaaah.

Also holy crap I had never actually needed all the Pokémon boxes in my life. I just have to do some cleaning up, but woah.
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Mine are

For Platinum, 1549-0185-2200 / JL
For SoulSilver, 1720-8173-8073 / Simon

Tell me if you need any Pokémon or item or something 8D
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If all goes well, tomorrow I should have wi-fi 8)


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