Nov. 19th, 2010 08:00 pm
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Just how thick do you have to be, to keep microwaving things wrapped in plastic?
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JFC, why does my brother have to scream like they're skinning him alive each time the puppy dares to OMG WALK CLOSE TO HIM

She wasn't even barking or anything, she'd calmed down (she barked when he walked in. crazy!)

What the fuck is so horrifying and WRONG about the puppy being around, god. Shut the fuck up already. Stop calling her insufferable and obnoxious, YOU'RE THE ONE SCREAMING AT HER FOR NO REASON.
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Okay, so, my older brother ate an entire... cup? jar? thingie of that kind of white cheese you can spread on toast. And Dad flipped out 'cause he went to use some and it was gone and he bought it yesterday and opened it at about 11 am today and it's only late in the afternoon and it's already empty so wtf.

He flipped out at my brother, yelled at him for a while, and told him to buy a new one.

I then was bored with TV so I went to do the dishes. And my hand slipped (from being soapy) and a cup fell and broke. And my brother heard from his room, and came by all OH WELL LOOK AT THAT~*~ WHY DON'T YOU GO BUY A CUP NOW, HUH? all ... disgusting and talking down to me like I'm a piece of shit.

I'm like. Dude, I didn't fucking eat the cup. And I AM NOT YOUR PUNCHING BAG SO GTFO.

What the fuck. Stupid asshole. Like it's MY fault somehow that you're a fucking bottomless pit? How the fuck do you even compare you inhaling the food that's for everybody to me having an accident and breaking something unintentionally while doing house chores?!

And this guy told me with a straight face he wasn't jealous of me. Whaaat the fuck.
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Oh hay, the rat is back

And my brother once again locked himself up and yelled from his room telling me where he saw it. Basically as if he expected me to go and kill it or something.

Just. What the fuck, dude, what the hell do you want me to do? Even if I wasn't squeamish as hell I wouldn't go and kill a rat :/ It's not like it's a moth, you dumbass. And what the fuck stop using me when it's convenient to you. You treat me like garbage, don't expect for me to rescue you from rats later on.


Jan. 12th, 2010 06:56 pm
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Creo que tener que escuchar "Consentidos" de fondo porque tu hermano lo ve debería ser considerado una tortura cruel e inhumana. Dios, hace parecer a Chiquititas como una obra maestra digna de premios internacionales.


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