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VDex/GPXPlus party:

Videogames info:

I am:

On SoulSilver (originally a JP rom), Simon // 5286-1776-2623
On Platinum, JL // 2451-4958-0538
On (JP) Black, Simon // 1506-6030-8494
On (E) White, Simon // 1893-0352-4154

My Platinum dex is complete \o/ So if you wanna ask for a specific Pokémon, let me know, I can breed pretty much anything. And my SoulSilver dex is only at around 200+ Pokémon, I won't post a whole list here for now 'cause it'd take forever. Just comment if you wanna arrange a trade for it o/

Special Pokémon I own )

Things to consider:

- I play on a NDS flashcart
- I have cheats, so while I can get you legit Pokémon (and will by default trade out only legit Pokémon and warn if anything I'm sending isn't), most of my items are cloned and such
- I have cheats! And Pokésav, so if you want me to "make" you a Pokémon, clone it, or get you a specific item, just ask
- Because of this, I have pretty much all items I can ever need, so don't waste yours by sending them to me! If for some reason you feel like attaching something to your Pokémon, send me mail instead.

Bonus ~*~

Pichu has been my favorite Pokémon ever since I first saw it, a bit prior to the release of the original G/S. And so, I want to collect Pichus from as many different trainers as I can. So, if you have one to spare, let me know! The level, nature, way of capture, etc don't matter, all I ask for is that you name it for me.

Pichus )


Oct. 6th, 2010 11:53 am
jlarinda: Hibiki and Kotone looking pouty (Pokemon - =3=)
So, I'm playing the latest Pokémon Ranger game

And the bad guys throw Ukulele Pichu to the floor and are mean to him

I have never wanted to kill a Pokémon character so bad.
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Omg, my journal finally has a sticky!entry.

ALSO ALSO. LOOK WHAT IT SAYS AT THE BOTTOM. Gimme your Pichus, people B|


May. 4th, 2010 04:51 pm
jlarinda: Syaoran & Syaoran (Pokemon - The cutest team)
Yes, this needed its own post.

And fff I keep being amused that I've recently uploaded a bunch of stupidly cute adorable Pokémon icons and then... a bunch of SeiSub ones |D;;
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The other day one of my friends came over and we talked about Pokémon pretty much non-stop. And what was awesome was that she's not that familiar with the newest games and the new features in them, so she kept forgetting Pokémon names and asking what certain stuff was - and I did remember those things, and knew how a lot of the new game mechanics worked. I was even able to explain what EVs and IVs were!

I felt so accomplished =3= ;;

Also, omg the Pokémon Ranger games have ensured I'll play the latest title. I never played one of those for too long, but ahhhh the new one will feature a special Pichu. So. Must have. B|;;


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