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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH So it seems Dad adopted a new puppy! A little black male one, from some shelter thing.

He won't be here till next week or so! I'm kind of weirded out he just did that on a whim, but w/e. PUPPY <333

Anyway, the update had a point besides that. I've never owned two dogs at once - my current one is female. I'm scared of what might happen if they start fighting or something, I obviously don't want that. Specially if the new puppy's so little (about two months old, said Dad, and it won't be much bigger than Ellie herself when he grows).

Any tips to help them to get along well?


Nov. 18th, 2010 08:29 pm
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Puppy was barking non-stop and hopping while we walked today. Weird. She also made some lady curse 'cause she hopped onto her and left a paw-shaped stain on her trousers. I didn't really care :'| Don't walk through the park if you don't wanna get dirty.

Some kid was like "Ma'am!" at me, which made me feel like I was 30 years older than I am, and asked if my puppy was called [some name I didn't understand]. I was like hah? and he asked again, I said uhhh sure and he went "ahhh! [name]! don't eat me!!1" Wtf.

It reminded me of this dude who, on our second day out, looked at me all srs and asked me if I'd give him my puppy. Obvs my response what to be like "What? No." and walk away quickly, but dude, what the fuck is the matter with people. They're nuts. Just let me walk my goddamned puppy.
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JFC, why does my brother have to scream like they're skinning him alive each time the puppy dares to OMG WALK CLOSE TO HIM

She wasn't even barking or anything, she'd calmed down (she barked when he walked in. crazy!)

What the fuck is so horrifying and WRONG about the puppy being around, god. Shut the fuck up already. Stop calling her insufferable and obnoxious, YOU'RE THE ONE SCREAMING AT HER FOR NO REASON.
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- My pc's working again \8D/ expect some RP spamming soon

- My puppy's a girl. And needs a name. She's "Ellie". Ellie and Elliot! Pfft, the poor things will get confused.


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