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VDex/GPXPlus party:

Videogames info:

I am:

On SoulSilver (originally a JP rom), Simon // 5286-1776-2623
On Platinum, JL // 2451-4958-0538
On (JP) Black, Simon // 1506-6030-8494
On (E) White, Simon // 1893-0352-4154

My Platinum dex is complete \o/ So if you wanna ask for a specific Pokémon, let me know, I can breed pretty much anything. And my SoulSilver dex is only at around 200+ Pokémon, I won't post a whole list here for now 'cause it'd take forever. Just comment if you wanna arrange a trade for it o/

Special Pokémon I own )

Things to consider:

- I play on a NDS flashcart
- I have cheats, so while I can get you legit Pokémon (and will by default trade out only legit Pokémon and warn if anything I'm sending isn't), most of my items are cloned and such
- I have cheats! And Pokésav, so if you want me to "make" you a Pokémon, clone it, or get you a specific item, just ask
- Because of this, I have pretty much all items I can ever need, so don't waste yours by sending them to me! If for some reason you feel like attaching something to your Pokémon, send me mail instead.

Bonus ~*~

Pichu has been my favorite Pokémon ever since I first saw it, a bit prior to the release of the original G/S. And so, I want to collect Pichus from as many different trainers as I can. So, if you have one to spare, let me know! The level, nature, way of capture, etc don't matter, all I ask for is that you name it for me.

Pichus )


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