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CLAMP 30 day meme

+ Day 22: Which CLAMP character(s) would you love to cosplay? If you have cosplayed anyone, who did you cosplay?

Syaoransyaoransyaoransyaoransyaoran ahhhh. I have short brown hair and brown eyes, about the right height - if I had the body for it (and could see) I would so cosplay TRC!Syao fff >_>; all of theeeem.

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Love that people're joining in and doing the meme, too 8D ♥

CLAMP 30 day meme

+ Day 3: Favourite CLAMP character

TRC!Syaoran, particularly the real one. Sakura, among the female ones, ccs!Sakura in particular.

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I am forever amused at how the translator for the Spanish edition of TRC #28 actually confuses and mixes up which Syao is which, or at least which one's talking, and to whom, at several points during the final scenes.

I picture this poor woman scratching her head at the pages, trying to make sense of it all.
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I just passed the 200 icon bases for Real, and... I still haven't even done three volumes worth. 8D;; S-sob I'll end up with five new accounts for him orz

Oh well.

And see, this is why I whine so much about wanting moar icons for him. SO MUCH MATERIAL TO WORK WITH ;A; G-granted, about 70% of it is variations of "B|" faces...
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I think I have finally found it. The true Cutest Thing Ever.

It is baby Real & baby Wata together. fsjkgdsgj CLAMP ilu so much.

And I love the fans that share these things with us =3=bbb
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Thank you Robin for the header pic ♥♥♥


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